Chapter Bylaws

Note: Bylaws are currently pending approval.


Bylaws (Statute) for the Malta Chapter of the Internet Society

Article 1: Name

1. This organisation shall be called the “Malta Chapter of the Internet Society” (hereafter referred to as the “Chapter”).

Article 2: Address

2. The postal address of the organisation is:

(c/o) DiploFoundation, “Anutruf”, Ground Floor, Triq il-Hriereb, Msida, MSD 1675, Malta or such other address as may be determined by the Board from time to time.


Article 3: Purpose

3. The Malta Chapter of the Internet Society serves the Internet Society’s purposes by serving the interests of a segment of the global Internet community through a local presence, focusing on local issues and developments. Specifically, ISOC Malta Chapter undertakes:

3.1.1. To provide reliable information about the Internet, its benefits, and positive use

3.1.2. To support awareness building initiatives and outreach efforts concerning specific Internet-related areas

3.1.3. To facilitate forums for discussion of issues that affect users in the community

3.1.4. To foster the community’s participation in areas important to the evolution and further development of the Internet

3.1.5. To do all that which is ancillary, incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objectives.

3.2. ISOC Malta Chapter will serve persons who reside or work in Malta.

3.3. ISOC Malta Chapter is chartered by the Internet Society (ISOC). These bylaws neither supersede nor abrogate any of the Bylaws of the Internet Society that regulate chapter affairs.


Article 4: Mission Statement

4.1. The local Chapter is being established to further ISOC’s work in Malta for the benefit of users, for the benefit of those who are about, or are waiting for an opportunity, to embrace the exceptional world of ICTs and the Internet, and for the benefit of future generations. It therefore also commits itself to ISOC’s mission statement: “The Internet is for everyone”.

The local Chapter is to dedicate itself to educating and empowering the community it serves: current and future Internet users.


Article 5: General Policy

5.1.  The Chapter shall be autonomous and voluntary.

5.2. The Chapter shall be non-profit making, as defined in the Voluntary Organisations Act, Chapter 492 of the Laws of Malta. Any excess of funds received or generated from its activities must always be reinvested in the same Chapter.

5.3. The accounts of the Chapter shall be reviewed or audited, and published on a yearly basis.

5.4. Provided its autonomy is not affected, the Chapter may collaborate with other entities on a national, regional or international basis in order to further its aims.

5.5. The Chapter shall not have any political or trade union affiliation and it shall not indulge in party politics.

5.6.  All prospective members and associate members of the Chapter shall have access to the statute of Chapter upon demand. On becoming members of the Chapter, prospective Members will be required to state that they are aware of the objectives of the Chapter.

Article 6: Membership

6.1. All members of a Chapter shall also be members of the Internet Society. Membership is not necessary, however, for participation in activities of the society or its chapters.

6.2. All individuals and organisations falling within the defined scope of the Chapter shall be eligible for membership without discrimination.

6.3. Membership in the Chapter shall be open to all ISOC members in the locality served by the Chapter upon request and payment of any local dues, as determined by the Board. Chapters may decide on an individual basis to accept members from outside their defined area of scope; the decision to accept such members is to be taken by the Board.

6.4. The Chapter may set up a fee-based membership model. However, the Chapter will offer free membership for the first year after the Chapter has been officially formed. This period can be extended until the Chapter gains a solid reputation within the community in Malta.

6.5. Student membership fee shall not exceed 75 percent of regular member dues.

Article 7: Annual General Meeting

7.1. The Annual General Meeting is the Chapter’s highest authority.

7.2. The Annual General Meeting elects the Board and votes on issues including:

    1. The budget for the upcoming year

    2. Any changes to the membership fee

    3. Changes to ISOC Malta Chapter bylaws

7.3 A quorum of the Chapter shall be defined as 25% percent of the voting membership of the Chapter. Any motion is carried by simple majority.

7.4 The Board will be elected by a simple majority of votes.

7.5 At the Annual General Meeting, the Board shall present:

    1. The annual report for ISOC Malta Chapter

    2. The annual accounting report

7.6 Notice of the place and time for the Annual General Meeting shall be distributed to all registered members at least six (6) weeks prior to the Annual General Meeting. Notices of the place and time of all meetings shall be distributed to all members at least one week prior to any meeting, by Internet mail or by oral, telegraphic, or other written notice, duly served on or mailed. For the purposes of organising the first meeting of the ISOC Malta Chapter, a public announcement three (3) weeks in advance shall be deemed sufficient.

7.7 The Annual General Meeting shall be held within the first quarter of each year.

7.8 Proposals to the Annual General Meeting must be received by the Board at least four (4)  weeks prior to the Annual General Meeting.

7.9 The agenda for the Annual General Meeting shall be published at minimum two (2) weeks prior to the Annual General Meeting.

Article 8: Extraordinary Annual General Meeting

8.1. An extraordinary annual general meeting shall be held if requested by three (3) members of the Board or upon request by one third (⅓) of registered members.

8.2. Notice of the extraordinary annual general meeting shall be in accordance with Article 7.6.

Article 9: The Board

9.1. The Board shall consist of five (5) to nine (9) board members.

9.2. An interim Board will be appointed until the first Annual General Meeting is held, to facilitate the setup of ISOC Malta Chapter.

9.3. Board members are elected for a period of one (1) year. They shall take office immediately upon election and serve until their successor is elected. If a member of the board vacates his/her seat, the board shall immediately nominate another member to fill in the vacated seat; where possible, the member who decides to vacate shall serve until a successor is nominated.

9.4. A member can be re-elected as Board member no more than five (5) times consecutively and should not have the same position within the Board for more than three (3) consecutive terms.

9.5. Board members elect their positions. One board member shall be appointed as Chair of ISOC Malta Chapter, another board member as Secretary, and another board member as Treasurer. Additional positions may be created by the Board when the need arises; their duties shall be documented clearly in the minutes.

9.6. The Duties of the Board officers are:

9.6.1. The Chair is the principal officer and is responsible for leading the Chapter and managing its activities in accordance with the policies and procedures of the Internet Society and these bylaws. The Chair shall preside at all meetings of this Chapter and of its Board. The Chair is also responsible for ensuring that the accounting is maintained in accordance with Maltese regulation and practice.

9.6.2. The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all Chapter and Board meetings. Other duties of the Secretary include:

a. Preparation of the Annual Chapter Report for presentation to the Chapter at the Annual Election Meeting.

b. Preparation of the Chapter’s Activity Report and submission of this report to ISOC Headquarters.

c. Notification to ISOC Headquarters of any changes in the elected officers of the Chapter.

d. Submission of any proposed amendment to the ISOC Membership Team for approval.

9.6.3. The Treasurer shall collect dues, pay all bills, and maintain the Chapter’s financial records. Duties of the Treasurer shall also include:

a. Preparation of the Chapter’s Annual Financial Report for presentation to the Chapter at the Annual Election meeting.

b. Completion and submission of the Annual Financial Report to ISOC Headquarters.

9.7. Disbursements exceeding Eur100 for Chapter expenditures shall be made by the Treasurer with the authorisation of the Board. Disbursements less than Eur100 shall be made by the Treasurer with the authorisation of the Chair. All disbursements shall be included in the minutes of its meetings.

9.8. The Board shall report to the Internet Society in accordance with the Internet Society’s bylaws and requirements.

9.9. The Board has a quorum when three (3) board members are present. Any Board motion is carried by simple majority.

Article 10: Dissolution of the ISOC Malta Chapter

10.1. Dissolution of this Chapter by consent of the members shall consist of unanimous agreement of all board members together with a majority vote at a meeting which has been publicised in accordance with Article 7.6 in advance to all members of the Chapter for the purpose of taking this vote.

10.2. Should this Chapter be dissolved, its assets shall be transferred to the Internet Society (, a non-profit organisation.

10.3. The article covering the Dissolution of ISOC Malta Chapter cannot be changed.

Article 11: Ancillary

11.1. The Chapter shall hold meetings only in places that are open and accessible to all members of the Society.

11.2. All proposed changes to these Chapter Bylaws shall have been approved by the Internet Society Membership Team before being presented to the Chapter membership for a vote.

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