Aims and purposes

The Internet Society’s mission is to promote the open development, evolution, and use of the Internet for the benefit of all people throughout the world. The Internet is for everyone.

The Malta Chapter of the Internet Society was set up to further the work of the Internet Society among the local community and for the benefit of the local community, according to the aims, purposes and principles below.

The aims and purposes of the Malta Chapter are:

  • To provide reliable information about the Internet, its benefits, and positive use
  • To support awareness-building initiatives and outreach efforts concerning specific Internet-related areas
  • To facilitate forums for discussion of issues that affect users in the community
  • To foster the community’s participation in areas important to the evolution and further development of the Internet

The Malta Chapter follows the Internet Society’s principles:

  • Beneficial use of the Internet should be available and unencumbered.
  • Content providers should be self-regulated without prior censorship of on-line communications.
  • Online free expression should not be restricted by other indirect means, such as excessively restrictive govern­mental or private controls over computer hardware or software or other essential components of the Internet such as telecommunications infrastructure.
  • The Internet should be an open forum for the development of standards and technology.

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