Post Truth Conference Malta

The Internet Society Chapter in Malta participated in the Post-Truth Conference organized by The Commonwealth Centre for Connected Learning in October 2019 in Valletta. Dr. Alexander Grech was organising on behalf of the Commonwealth Centre for Connected Learning and there was prominent participation from ISOC NL members as well.

The conference addressed a set of critical questions, including:


  • What price is being paid for a data-driven and algorithmically controlled society?
  • Are blockchain & AI contributors to decentralisation or are they indicative of problems to come?


  • Is the notion of a media for the public good still relevant in the era of fake news and datafication?


  • How can education systems empower millennials and post-millennials to navigate the Post-Truth society?
  • Are media literacy and open education still fit for purpose?


  • Can regulatory frameworks contribute to citizen trust?
  • Does datafication lead to mass surveillance societies?

More information on Post-Truth conference including videos and resources:

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