NETmundial announces remote participation hubs in 23 countries

NETmundial logoNETmundial has announced remote participation hubs in 23 countries, including Malta. The Malta hub is organised by the Malta Chapter of the Internet Society. Read more about joining the Malta NETmundial hub here.

NETmundial: “Global Multistakeholder Meeting on the Future of Internet Governance which will be held in São Paulo on 23rd and 24th April – informs the remote hubs of participation that will allow real time interaction with the event in Sao Paulo. In a total of 33 spots, in 30 cities of 23 countries are confirmed.

The hubs will be set up in auditoriums of institutions and companies, in order to enable interested public to meet in groups to attend discussions NETmundial, plus the ability to interact and provide feedback during sessions.”

Read more (full text):

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